No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor, wanna give me a help?:)


19 YO sweet and handsome guy ... m,aybe a lil naughty hehe... looking for a nice guy

Sydney Leigh: Meet the Secretive Hippy

Hello all, this is my first ever blog post so I'm just going to introduce myself a little it. I did my first show last night since 2013 and I will admit I was rusty! Thank You to all who came into my room! Some one said something to me last night that made me think I should put a little bit more about myself on here. I am currently employed, a single full time mother of 2, and a student. I am going to school for Chinese Medicine so that I may eventually become an acupuncturist. I am pregnant with my third baby and started to cam again in hopes it will help me support me and my babies while I go to school so that I have more time with my kiddos.Things that are important to me are being outside away from all of the media and distractions, recycling, gardening, volunteering at my little ones school, and just being a good person as often as possible! I love traveling even though I can't do it as often any more, and I am an adventure seeker! I am also a Scorpio and have a very wild and crazy imagination! I am open to try new things and am kind of the submissive type. I have been waiting to make a regular on here to keep my busy trying new things. I like the idea of someone buying me toys from the online wish list so that we may discover them together!! So here I'll be waiting for that guy who has been looking for the same thing as I. Help me explore my sexuality now that these hormones have my panties wet at the thought of getting naughty :) ;)-SydneyLeigh

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Mandy Sinclair: First Blog

For some reason (maybe technology secretly hates me) I haven't been able to get a blog to post. Hopefully it will work this time lol! So, yes, I am new, just started web camming 10days ago. Technically began as a couple, crap didn't work out with that, so I am soloing. ;) maybe try the couples thing later if a good open minded cool person came along..,,so far, I'm learning a lot about fetishes, they are intriguing to say the least. I'm open to a lot if things, and warming up to others. I do have a job bartending so the weekends are a bit hectic trying to squeeze in time to cam, but am working on figuring out a schedule thats gonna work for me. Ok let's see if this thing actually posts

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Sandra Morales: The Time when You Realize

There comes a time when you realize that your life has slipped through your fingers as you become a spectator. Sit on the sidelines and watch. Things links and untie, people come and go in your life and you're in the same place as before. You all gave out of their lives. You become a stranger and you wonder when this happened. When you have out-of-control? Why you will not matter? A cynic would you answer, because there is or if there ever was too weak. It started with little things you never had the courage to say that you do not like red tie that yours is stubborn though you dress you wanted blue, continued with all her friends that you have chosen according to criteria like "you know who is and nobody knows when it will be helpful!" schools in which you found your place and where you have managed to adapt and it never felt. Others always feel you're different and you instinctively avoid. You awake adult, with early years wasted with thoughts of ground that "if I did what I wanted, I was not here" and hopes blunted by too much "tomorrow". I hate the past, you hate yourself that you had the courage to say "no" and you let others live your life. And no matter how absurd it may seem like that happened. I want to go back but can not go further because they do not know what you want. Your ship has failed before it sailed wide and truly regret is useless.

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