Hello guys ! I`m a nice persons willing to make new friends .


Come and watch my XXX leather muscle show! With lots of toys, showing off my muscles! Watch how vacuum pump my huge dick. Also love “URETRAL PLAY“, prostate play! Your voyeuristic dream comes true!

Kelley Smith: Hot Steamy Showers

I absolute love taking long, hot showers, allowing the water to run through every crease and curve on my body, as i gently rub my two small titties and stroke my pink panther until she yells no! After begging for mercy,it's not over I hit her again on the counter top. Lastly taking it into the bed room, slowing down the pace, I rock that baby to sleep. I love going longer and harder each time, Friend me and join my session, you could become lucky enough to be allowed a sneak peek !

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Jasmine Kelley:…

Day one lol..Hi ,it's just me Jasmine.Chilling in the tub doing my first blog.I want to truly thank-each and every one of you for your support,friendship and kindness.It was a rough start.I almost said this is not for me.I know now that it is a perfect fit for me.I had a really rough month in the beginning..the fake tips,begging,ugg,the something for nothing,the one's I had to ban,one that had death treats for me ect.It all turned around..I have my friends that have been there from day one..treating me with the up most respect.Now I am happy to say I have found my grove..what gets you in my world to stay...It was right in front of my face all along.No act,talk,smile,listen,open up..hey just be me.Now I have met even more amazing friends,and lover's that are so special to me because each and every one has a spot in my huge heart...Now for the one's who don't know me,just say hi,and we will go from there.I do have low tolerance for bull shit,that's right I said it.I am a human being just the same as you.I am not a trained dog,nor your puppet.This is not a swap meet or a yard sale..with free things on the street..I how ever..give you a show every time I am in my room..You should give it time before you judge.You might miss out on a smile and a laugh.This is Flirt 4 free..key word' FLIRT '.So there it is guys...Thank-you again,you are all amazing!!!N0.5 in freshman flirt of the's all because of my babies..see ya in my world and room soon...xoxoxoxo Jasmine

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I`m a happy guy, music lover of sports and reading. I love jogging and has performed many sports

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